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Some failures of implantation can be due to infections -that can be easily corrected with antibiotics- or immunological problems
Strategies for fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment depend on a patient’s age, the type and urgency of treatment
We want our patients to feel confident that we are closely monitoring all developments and adhering to recommendations from the CDC
Now IVF is well accepted by 90% of the World population, no matter what their religious background or affiliation is.
When seeing a new infertile couple, semen analysis is one of the first tests we request.
Habitual early fetal loss or miscarriage is a common fertility problem.
Our lab in Augusta, Georgia uses a very strict variation of the Kruger technique.
What should I know about the Zika virus if I want to have a baby?
IUI is the most commonly performed procedure in Assisted Reproduction. It was great to be a part of history in making it the modern procedure it is