Our dear patients, Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology would like to thank you for 46 years of patronage. Our doors are officially closed. Please note that we are no longer accepting appointments.

Below are instructions for requesting your chart.

⭐️ July 7, 2023: Dear patients, Starting August 1st, 2023 your medical chart will no longer be available via the patient portal online. You can request a physical copy of your medical chart by mailing your request directly to our P.O. Box.


P.O. Box 12572

Augusta, Ga.


⭐️ To find this page again, all you have to do is go to the SIRE website’s homepage and click the big green button, that reads request med chart.

⭐️ Please use your laptop or desktop to sign your waiver and log in to your patient portal for the first time.

⭐️ You can only view your document folder in your patient portal on your laptop or desktop.

⭐️ You’ll need to download or print the chart yourself for your new physician.

1. You can only use your desktop or laptop to access your patient chart.

2. Please click the link below and register with Advanced MD’s patient portal.

3. Sign the HIPPA release form. You will have to confirm your signature on the waiver through your email.

4. After completing the waiver and confirming your signature, the waiver will forward you to the patient portal.

5. Once you have access to the patient portal bookmark the page, so you don’t have to sign another document to access it again.

6. Register as an existing patient in the patient portal. Under the red button labeled Google on the right, click the blue button below it labeled Register.

7. Make sure to include your middle initial when signing up for Advanced MD’s patient portal. Patients who didn’t include their middle initial as well have been locked out. 

8. Schedule an appointment for the chart to be released. Please select discharged / patient chart as the appointment type.

9. Your SIRE medical chart can be accessed under the documents & images folder in your Advanced MD patient portal.

10. You may receive an appointment reminder for your discharge appointment; please ignore it. 

11. You’ll need to email or print out the chart yourself for your physician.

12. Text us at 1-706-724-0228 if you need further help.