To all of our dear patients, Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology would like to thank you for your patronage of 46 years. We are officially closing our doors on October 14, 2022. We are no longer taking any more appointments.

Below are instructions for requesting your chart.

  • ⭐️  Please do not come to the office to get your chart it is only available online through the patient portal. 
  • ⭐️  If you’re seeing another medical practitioner between Oct. 2022 – Feb. 2023, and you need your chart please fill out a HIPPA release waiver providing the doctor’s information. Also, please text us on the office line ( 1-706-724-0228 ) with this information, so we know to prioritize your case. You’ll need to email or print out the chart yourself for your physician.

To request & receive your patient chart follow the instructions below. :

  • 1.  When registering with the Advanced MDs patient portal for the first time please make sure to have a second digital device (i.e. computer or another cell phone) available nearby that has access to the same e-mail account. You will have to use the second digital device to confirm the confirmation code sent to the same e-mail by Advanced MD. If you back out of the original e-mail while in the confirm code screen you’ll be locked out of the Advanced MD, and we will have to reset access for you.
  • 2.  Please click the link below and register with AdvancedMD’s patient portal.
  • 3.  Sign the HIPPA release form. 
  • 4.  Use the e-mail address you originally gave us on your first visit. If you did not provide us with an email address make sure you type it in correctly on the waiver, so we can manually update your account. Please attempt to finish signing up through Advanced MD, so that we can see that your request went through the system correctly.
  • 5.  Register as an existing patient after you sign the release form. Click the blue button that is labeled Register under the red button labeled google.
  • 6.  When you sign up with Advanced MD’s patient portal make sure to include your middle initial. The patients that did not include their middle initial as well have been locking themselves out of the system. 
  • 7.  Schedule an appointment for the chart to be released. Please select discharged / patient chart as the appointment type.
  • 8.  When logged in to your Advanced MD patient portal your SIRE medical chart will be available under the documents & images folder.
  • 9.  You may receive an appointment reminder for your discharge appointment please ignore it. If it suggests going to the office do not show up for your appointment, no one will be at 812 Chafee Ave. to receive you.
  • 10.  If your chart is not in your document & images folder. Please be patient your chart has still not been uploaded yet. We have other patients in the queue ahead of you. We are trying to get to your request as quickly as possible. 
  • 11. If you continue to have difficulties logging in to obtain your patient chart text us at 1-706-724-0228 for further assistance.