Affordable IVF Helps Build New Family

Red-BarretRed and Thomas Barrett had dated all through their years at University of Georgia, and when the couple married in 2003, they were ready to start a family. Just three months after a beautiful wedding at her parents’ home in Fitzgerald, Ga., Red decided to go off of birth control.

The couple eagerly waited for the exciting news of pregnancy… but nothing happened. To make things more difficult, Red’s ovulation cycle – which had been so steady while on birth control – became sporadic. The couple kept on trying though, eager to have a little one of their own.

One year passed, then two. Finally, after five years of trying, Red decided that they needed to get some help. She talked with several friends who had been in the same situation, and they encouraged her to find a fertility doctor. Red, who was then 32, found a doctor who had an office nearby, but came away unimpressed. Searching, they finally came across Dr. Edouard Servy of the Servy Institute for Reproductive Services (S.I.R.E.).

After evaluating the couple, Dr. Servy found that there were no obvious problems. He started Red on Clomid, and the couple waited expectantly. But Red still didn’t get pregnant.

“Dr. Servy then suggested we take it to the next level and try an IUI,” Says Red. “The first IUI failed, but I knew that it might take several times to succeed. But when the second one failed, I was discouraged.”

At that point, Dr. Servy suggested they try IVF. “I had put off IVF because it is so expensive,” says Red. “I knew the price some of my friends had paid.”

Fortunately, the Servy Institute for Reproductive Services (S.I.R.E.) specializes in providing top-quality fertility care at a very affordable price – often thousands of dollars lower than many other IVF clinics. “I got an incredible price,” says Red. “Some of my friends couldn’t believe the affordable cost.”

She and Thomas eagerly started their journey through IVF. “At first, all the instructions and medications were overwhelming,” she says. “But Dr. Servy’s staff was so helpful and made it easy to understand. They have been amazing. Even now, if I have a question I can text Beth, one of his nurses.”

Dr. Servy was able to harvest several eggs and combine them with Thomas’ sperm to create seven embryos. He implanted two in Red. One embryo was lost, but the other grew into a strong, healthy boy who will be born this spring. “We got pregnant on our first try with IVF,” says Red, who is an elementary PE teacher. “It’s been a good pregnancy. It’s been a little hard teaching PE while I’m pregnant, but that’s okay,” she laughs. ‘The baby is due on the very last day of school.”

Red and Thomas are looking forward to their summer baby. “Going through IVF is expensive, but it is so worth it,” she says. Luckily, S.I.R.E’s lower costs helped the couple give IVF a try, and now they only have to wait a few more months to be parents.

“I would have done whatever it took, even if we had to go through the whole process several times,” she says. “For me, there is no price on a baby.”