Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology (S.I.R.E.)
Dr. Edouard J. Servy M.D.

As a well-known pioneer in IVF, Dr. Servy delivers a solution for hopeful parents-to-be in the southeast. After years of struggling with the barrier that the cost of fertility treatment created for many of his patients, he developed a unique low-cost IVF program to make treatment more affordable and bring the joy of parenthood to more couples than ever before.

Expert care from a pioneer in fertility medicine at a lower cost.

About Dr. Servy, infertility specialist

A native of France, Dr. Edouard J. Servy has been helping Georgians and South Carolinians struggling with infertility become parents for 45 years, working in his Augusta clinic, the Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology (S.I.R.E.). He is a true pioneer of fertility medicine and continues to stay on the cutting edge of the latest advances in assisted reproductive technologies and clinical best practices. He is also a well-respected expert in hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery.

Love Dr. Servy! My husband and I struggled for three years with infertility, and he went out of his way to help us. We are now pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl. We are 21 weeks pregnant! Thank you Dr. Servy for our blessings! Now we are leaving the rest up to our Lord to carry us through! Thank you also goes to Liz for always promptly answering my concerns. My only minor complaint was that it was hard to get someone on the phone. All of this being said, it wasn’t an easy time but rest assured he helped us, and over time it worked
Kayla Huffman
Originally posted on 8/11/2016 on Facebook

Dr. Servy’s firsts in fertility medicine

Dr. Servy’s firsts in fertility medicine

Dr. Servy attended medical school in Bordeaux, specializing in internal medicine with a focus on endocrinology and metabolic disease. As a recipient of the highly prized Irene Bernard grant, Dr. Servy came to Augusta, Georgia, in 1969 for a research fellowship in reproductive endocrinology at the Medical College of Georgia, under endocrinology pioneers Dr. Robert B. Greenblatt and Dr. Virendra Mahesh. After completing a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the Medical College of Georgia, he established his private practice in Augusta.

Developing low-cost fertility treatment

While proud of his many accomplishments and his international reputation in fertility medicine, Dr. Servy has been a tireless champion of bringing down the cost of fertility treatment. Being involved in the great steps fertility medicine was making, he found it very frustrating that the promise it held for so many was just not in their reach financially.

Affordable IVF

Dr. Servy’s focus on affordable fertility treatment lead him to develop a low-cost program for IVF, the most effective – and most expensive – treatment in fertility medicine. This more affordable and highly effective care has helped many people become parents who otherwise couldn’t have afforded it by eliminating hidden costs and unnecessary testing, and only recommending IVF if less expensive fertility treatment options aren’t an option or haven’t worked.

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